we started this server because there is no decent alternative I don't think I need to tell you that, everyone knows it!
You joint on fresh wipes and experience the craziest things Partly they are fake wipes to lure players or admin/mods play themselves and prefer themselves and their friends.
I was annoyed to death as a player back then when I encountered cheaters
and they weren't banned just because you're afraid of losing the pop That's not going to happen here and anyone who has done a wipe here knows what I mean.
We don't care if you are a regular, tribe or VIP player.
Anyone who doesn't follow the rulebook here will have to leave.

Of course, we would be happy if we don't have to bear the costs alone.
We've been betting on performance right from the start.
We'd rather pay more than cause lags.
Everyone who can and wants to, is welcome to donate You don't support us, you support the server We don't give you weapons or anything like other servers but make it easier for beginners and also advanced players the gameplay without favoring them

No matter what you play as here, we are glad that we could flash you.

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Die lästige Werbung wieder. Wir wollen gar nicht um den heißen Brei reden.
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Ob du es glaubst oder nicht, du hilfst uns damit, unseren Server weiterhin einzigartig zu halten.
Deswegen würden wir uns freuen, wenn du uns zur Ausnahme hinzufügst.

Dein RustFlash-Team